Be Prepared

From humble beginnings we created a company that has your back. We built our company to fulfill a need in the industry. Providing custom Kydex holsters and gear for every-day-carry to 3-Gun, that isn’t one size fits all. We handcraft each piece of gear based on your needs, just how you want it done. We noticed many companies use the one size fits all model, which does work, however, there are always short comings. So we decided to craft custom Kydex holsters unlike any others companies offerings. You choose the colors, attachments, position, and we tailor the holster just like you would get your suit tailored. We handcraft the holsters and gear to you, for you. Guaranteed to be exactly what you want & need when it really counts.

Located in Montgomery, Texas, the birthplace of the Texas Flag, is where we handcraft our high quality holsters. We offer in-person fittings, as well as, online fittings using our simple to use fitting guide. You tells us your measurements, preferred carry position, and stylize your holster, which we craft and send directly to you. No more 3-6 week lead times. We have quick turn around times, typically a few days to a week.