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Mindgame Tactical is dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products we can, tailored to you, for you.

Here you will find our fitting guide for him and her. First, make your purchase and chose the holster best suited for you, choose your preferred color(s), belt attachment, etc.. Place a comment in the notes section stating you will be submitting the "Fitment Form". Then, simply download the form, take your measurements, choose the placement of the firearm, and return it to us at Orders@Mindgametactical.com, with your name, contact info, and order #. Once we receive the form, we will contact you directly to go over the information to make sure everything is correct, or allow you to make changes you might have decided after the form was submitted.

We then begin to handcraft your custom Kydex Holster... Tailoring it to you and the firearm. We believe this sets us apart from the bunch. We do this knowing that if the time comes, being PREPARED, and having TRAINED with gear that was specifically made for you, you will be better suited to PROTECT you, and your FAMILY to the fullest.