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Complete Custom Holster Solutions for Every Gun Manufacturer and Model

Looking for a holster can be a a daunting task, especially if your not carrying a Glock or other popular model.

Having been there plenty of times ourselves, we began offering custom builds for all models of firearms.

It all begins with blocking every catch point on a firearm, controls, ejection ports, rails, etc.. This process requires some time to shape and fit the blocking so that we produce a smooth surface on all sides of the pistols. This provides a solid and uniform surface for a smooth and fast draw.

Once the firearm has been blocked we begin the kydex molding stage. The firearm is prepared and all the surfaces are masked to protect it from any possible cosmetic defects. Then the kydex is formed over the firearm to create the holsters body.

After the molding stage we move to the shaping stage. Here we focus on creating the look and style of the holster. Shaping allows us to remove unnecessary kydex from the molded holster body, giving us a general shape. Not only should the holster look good, it should preform flawlessly.

We then move to the final stages of the holster making process, fitment and finish. Kydex once cut can produce razor sharp edges. Part of the process to build a quality holster is in the details. Buffing sharp edges away and creating a rolling edge keeps from any unexpected cuts while using the holster. Many holster makers cut their holsters using machines... we prefer to cut by hand, then buff and polish for a smooth finish.

After the holster has gone through these processes, we finish the holsters with the hardware and attachments to give the holster its adjustable retention, cant options, etc.. Fitment is checked, bolts are seated (Vibr-tite), retention is set and fitment is checked again.

Quality and function are our main focus during the building process. The holster gives you access to your life-line should you need it. With that much responsibility, we pay extreme attention to detail.

We will design, build, and tailor the holster to your needs.

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